Business, Environment and Community, in closer harmony
Our Pledge to Sustainability
Guided for nearly five decades by the philosophy of our founder, the late Herbert Cooray, we are proud to be regarded as the pioneer of sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka. We believe that sustainability and its challenges are constantly evolving and require dynamic, innovative solutions. Our efforts in the past were guided by an inherent desire to maintain a harmonious relationship between the business, the environment and the local communities. Strengthening our commitment and broadening our vision, our initiatives today are guided by a comprehensive six-fold Sustainability Strategy. This strategy is built upon the principles outlined in our Sustainability Policy.
Hospitality cannot exist isolated from the local communities and the environment…
Herbert Cooray Founder Chairman, Jetwing Hotels Ltd.
Steadfast Commitment to Sustainability
Our Philosophy
Promoting Responsible Travel
To provide legendary Sri Lankan hospitality supported by a diverse and trained local team, showcasing our natural and cultural heritage with minimal social and environmental impact, for the sustainable benefit of our stakeholders
Respect for the environment and a commitment to the principles of sustainable corporate management have always been at the core of our ethos. We have brought this statement to life across every aspect of business throughout our family of companies.

The belief that tourism cannot exist in isolation is one of our guiding principles, and we work to build positive relationships with the local communities in which we operate, aiming to benefit them through the support of our operations and dedicated efforts to enhance their quality of life.

As a family of people and companies, we’re committed towards the welfare and development of our associates. We strive to provide a safe, secure and equal-opportunity work environment where their rights are protected and are encouraged to reach their full potential.

Across all strategy and action, respect for ecosystems around our locations, environmentally friendly processes, care for natural resources, and energy and waste management are fundamental to us. We always seek to achieve a safe and sustainable environment for our community, future generations and ourselves by considering our commitment to the environment when making business decisions.

We are dedicated towards upholding and exceeding corporate and social best practices in compliance with local and international regulations, policies and conventions, and we maintain transparency and open communication with stakeholders regarding our social, environmental and economic progress and impacts.
Empowering Communities - The T.E.A. Project

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We are proud to support The T.E.A. Project (Training, Empowerment & Awareness) – a children’s rights-led UK charity and registered INGO in Sri Lanka.

It is our aim to help improve the quality of life of vulnerable children and adolescents in the Galaha village by implementing sustainable development projects. These serve to raise the level of education and food security, as well as facilitating further economic development, while protecting the environment and preserving their unique culture. This initiative also allows travellers like you to make a lasting impact in the rural tea estate communities.

UN Global Compact Signatory

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Jetwing Travels, where our commitment to sustainability and ethical tourism sets us apart. As proud signatories of the United Nations Global Compact, we pledge to uphold principles of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.

In Sri Lanka’s vibrant tapestry of culture, heritage and natural beauty, we stand as pioneers, seamlessly blending responsible travel practices with unparalleled experiences. Join us in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, where every journey leaves a positive impact on communities and environments alike.

Sustainability Frameworks
Upholding Our Promise
Ongoing Initiatives
Built upon the commitment outlined in our Sustainability Policy, our Sustainability Strategy focuses on six key categories designed to promote a holistic framework of initiatives that focus on the environment, economy and people both within and beyond our family. The six categories are: energy & carbon, water & waste, biodiversity, community & culture, family, sourcing & production. Many of these ongoing initiatives encompass more than one category.

The impact of our sustainable initiatives goes beyond the scope of operations. By aligning with the United Nations’ framework for sustainable development, they focus on achieving wider objectives. We recognise the importance these sustainable development goals, and actively strive towards reaching them.
Travel with Purpose

Striving towards carbon neutrality at operations level, by minimising emissions through innovation, transitioning to renewable energy, and improving energy efficiency.

Governance & Regulatory

Optimising use of resources by managing overall consumption, with a focus on increasing reusability and effective management of waste produced.

Environmental Stewardship

Actively conserving and raising awareness of the thriving natural habitats in and around our many homes of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Community and Culture

Sharing the economic and social benefits of sustainable tourism with local communities that help us to promote our unique culture.


Promoting a progressive, equal-opportunity work environment through personal and professional development programmes which actively focus on innovation, exploration, and growth.

Sustainable Sourcing

Internalising our supply chain; supporting local communities, and giving preference to businesses around our properties when procuring materials and supplies.

Inspiring Change
Butterfly Effect
With the importance of sustainability being brought to the fore in recent times, the need for conscious decisions to be made for the future of the planet and its people is greater than ever. Rather than a destination, we believe that sustainability is a journey of discovery, innovation, and tenacity; and making changes today, however small, can lead to a better future for all.

By sharing our journey of sustainability, what we’ve learnt, and what we hope to achieve, we aim to inspire change and create a butterfly effect.
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