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Nuwara Eliya

Adorned with plantations of liquid gold, the undulating hills of our central highlands have always captivated beholders, setting the stage for the colonial tea barons who upheld the pinnacle of Ceylonese standards. Evoking an unparalleled lifestyle, these pioneers of upcountry luxury reigned from stately homes above the mist-shrouded blankets, as their empires below painted the mountains that still sustain the world today.

Centuries on, the timeless opulence of colonial hill country living finds its haven in the most exquisite Nuwara Eliya bungalows. Among them, our upcountry masterpiece stands restored to its former glory as a Scottish planter's mansion. Maintaining the dignity it rightfully deserves, our legendary Sri Lankan hospitality adds a touch of island luxury, inviting you to uncover lavish histories from the heart of our highlands.
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