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Nestled on the eastern fringe of our teardrop-shaped island, an unexplored coastline acts as a serene buffer between our lush landscapes and the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. This seamless connection with nature unfolds effortlessly at our cabana resort in Pottuvil Point, an idyllic retreat near the renowned beaches of Arugam Bay.

Our eastern haven of Sri Lankan hospitality stands as a splendid exemplar of opulent eco-tourism. Conceived by the visionary architect John Balmond, the design draws inspiration from the intricate sea shells adorning our untouched beaches. Natural structures crafted from wood, woven coconut palm leaves, and dried illuk grass invite you into an authentically Sri Lankan environment. This retreat, named after a globally cherished pastime that has beckoned travelers to our neighboring waves for decades, is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of luxury and nature.
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