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For centuries, agriculture has been the cornerstone of life for civilizations in Sri Lanka, shaping the lifestyle of villages, including our own. Our community was once the residence of farmers who embraced a life rich in simple luxuries. These farmers were esteemed for their commitment to the traditional lands, once vibrant with a culture that authentically mirrors the essence of Sri Lankan hospitality.

Today, we extend a warm invitation to our symbol of agro-tourism, upholding this legacy through luxury accommodations in the town of Wellawaya. Modeled after a traditional village home, your sojourn with us promises rustic comforts amidst the natural surroundings of our eco-hotel. As you explore the renowned mountain town of Ella, with its iconic attractions, during your stay at our hotel, remember that Sri Lanka and its people have built this land on the foundation of agriculture. It's our delight to welcome you to our rural abode, teeming with natural wonders to discover.
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