A sanctuary that wild elephants call ‘home’
Where earth’s giants roam free
A vast nature reserve shadowed by the Great Western mountain range, Udawalawe is centred around its namesake reservoir. Elephants are the park’s main attraction, being home to over 600 with herds of up to 50 being quite a common sight. The open plains and the lack of dense vegetation here makes it one of the best places on earth to spot elephants in their natural habitat.

The park is also home to a wide variety of wildlife - buffalo, crocodiles, deer, sambur and many bird species. Leopards and bears however, are spotted less often.
Places to visit
in Udawalawe
Game Drives
Explore Udawalawe on a morning or evening game drive to see the elephant herds and a host of its other less famous residents.
Elephant Transit Centre
This ethical facility is dedicated to the care of vulnerable elephants. Here, abandoned calves are taken in, nurtured and nursed back to health.
Mahapelessa Hot Springs
An unusual occurrence, these hot Springs are situated close to the Madunagala Hermitage. Belief of its healing properties draws visitors from all over.
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