Sri Lanka’s last remaining primary tropical rainforest
Where wilderness still rules supreme
Hidden in the heart of the wet zone on the south western mountains, the Sinharaja Forest Reserve continues to ward off the threat of modernity to give us a glimpse of how paradise should really be. A World Heritage Site and considered as one of the most distinctive and important biospheres, it has an immense diversity of endemic fauna and flora, most of which are found only at Sinharaja.

That includes more than 60% of the trees, 50% of mammals, butterflies, insects, reptiles, fish and amphibians with over 21 endemic bird species too.
Places to visit
in Sinharaja
Forest Trek
Walk through this ethereal forest and be transported back to a paradise unchanged from the beginning of time, perhaps even before man existed.
Birdwatching Trek
With more than 147 species and over 95% of Sri Lanka’s endemic birds recorded here, this trek will be heaven for bird lovers.
Waterfalls Trek
Sinharaja reserve is home to 19 waterfalls. This trek will take you through the forest to admire the magnificence of some of them.
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