The second ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka
where magnificent artistry once thrived
A cornerstone of the cultural triangle, Polonnaruwa is one of the most significant kingdoms in the nation’s history. Reigning supreme in 11th - 12th century AD, its scattered ruins still remain well preserved. The giant statue of Polonnaruwa's greatest king - Sri Parakramabahu, and the vast ‘Sea of Parakrama’ – a 12th century reservoir which he built, are still imposing.

The Menik Vihara, Rankot Vihara, Alahana Pirivena and Jetavana monasteries, the Buddha statues carved from rock at the Gal Vihara complex, the Lankatilaka shrine, the King's Council Chamber and the Lotus Bath are must see attractions.
Places to visit
in Polonnaruwa
Ruins and Temples
Ancient stupas, moonstones, landscaped gardens, imposing shrines and statues that have stood for hundreds of years - what stories they may tell, if asked.
Minneriya National Park
Where the elephants gather in their hundreds to drink, feed and play. Enjoy an exciting game drive to see them and their habitat.
Monkey Kingdom
The stars of the 2015 Disney nature documentary ‘Monkey Kingdom’ still rule the ruins. Meet them off-screen, and learn more about their lives.
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