The culture rich capital of the North
Where vibrance colours the land
Unique in landscape and identity, and steeped in complex history both ancient and modern, there is no place in Sri Lanka, quite like Jaffna. Famous places and must see sights popular with local and foreign visitors are scattered throughout the peninsula. Over its 2000 years of history on record the city changed rule time and again: Sinhalese, South Indian, Portuguese, Dutch and English all left their legacies.

Surviving a 30 year civil war, Jaffna has rebuilt its own distinctive self and remains a bubbling hotpot of contrasts, much like those who live there.
Places to visit
in Jaffna
Nallur Temple
The 15th century Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil - one of the most significant Hindu temples in Sri Lanka - showcases the colourful grandeur of Dravidian architecture.
Nagadeepa Temple
One of Sri Lanka’s 16 holiest Buddhist shrines, this ancient temple sits on the island of Nainativu, off the coast of Jaffna peninsula.
Delft Island
Home to herds of feral ‘Delft ponies’, lost ruins and legacies of colonial rule, this is the remotest of Sri Lanka’s inhabited islands.
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