Historic landmark and new hub of ‘cool’
Where history and modernity merge
In this Southern capital natural and cultural diversity thrives, and history lives on. Galle has weathered many storms over the centuries, from battling colonial rulers to a devastating tsunami. Yet, an indomitable spirit seems to keep the city unshaken. Historically, Galle was an important trade post due to its location and natural harbour. In 1505, a Portuguese fleet landed by accident changing the course of the island’s history.

They were ousted by the Dutch in 1640, who lost to the British in 1796. Their legacies shaped the city; and are seen to date.
Places to visit
in Galle
Kanneliya Forest
The second remaining rainforest in Sri Lanka, this UNESCO biosphere is a paradise containing a high level of endemism in fauna and flora.
Fort Lighthouse
Within the Fort, overlooking the harbour, this is the first onshore lighthouse in the area and dates back to the mid 19th century.
Dutch Fort
Built by the Portuguese in 1588, fortified by the Dutch from 1649, this World Heritage site has truly withstood many tests of time.
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