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Majestic waterfalls, hidden caves, breathtaking vistas across the mountains: Ella is a little town with big attractions. One of the hill country’s most loved destinations, it is the hub of cool in the hills. The main attraction of Ella is the breathtaking view from the ‘Ella Gap’ – looking out between the majestic bulk of Ella Rock on the right and through a gap in the hills to the plains miles down below.

Climbing up Ella Rock is a tough but rewarding hike – and the views from the top are well worth the effort.
Things to do
in Ella
Mini Adam’s Peak
Hiking up Mini Adam’s Peak is an easy and very rewarding one. At 1141m above sea level, the panoramic views are truly breathtaking.
Demodara Bridge
A colonial engineering marvel that’s 24m tall and spans 91 m, the insta-famous Nine Arch Bridge sits on the Demodara loop - a must visit.
Ravana Ella Falls
This impressive cascade is the widest in Sri Lanka, and legend states that King Ravana held the Indian princess Sita captive in them.
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